5 things Brides Must-Do before their Makeup & Hair Trial

Hellooooo Beautiful! Can you believe that it’s already March?! I know… I can’t believe it either. For me, the end of the winter season only means one thing, the end of the 2018-2019 engagement season. For all my fellow wedding vendors, makeup artists and hair stylists, that marks the very beginning of wedding trials and consultations. What better way to start off the season than with 5 things Brides Must-Do before their Makeup & Hair Trial! I guarantee that every beauty professional will attest to these 5 tips. These 5 must-do’s may seem simple and straight forward to some, but I hear it time and time again from wonderful clients that don’t have a lot of experience when booking a beauty team. So here they are, I hope they help you!

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  1. Of course, you can’t do anything until you look for inspiration. It is very important to come prepared. It can be overwhelming when thinking about exactly what you want to look like for your special day. Here are some easy places to find the inspiration you are looking for:

    - Head over to pinterest and create a board of all your favorite looks.

    - Go to instagram, search all the wedding and beauty hashtags you can think of and save them.

    - You probably already have some other vendors lined up so check out their pages to get inspiration.

  2. When searching for your beauty squad, take into account your personal style and the artist’s style. The one mistake I always see brides make is that they pick an artist who does not emulate their personal style. I know what you are thinking and yes you are absolutely correct. A makeup artist or hair stylist should be able to accommodate to every person in every situation. However, the work of different wedding professionals is determined by the full interpretation of their style. No two brides are the same and no two artists are either.

  3. Pick a main look to try and don’t over do it. I like to tell brides that if you can’t decide on one look or style, then pick two at most. If you go to a trial undecided, then you will most likely leave more overwhelmed than when you started. Always remember, stick to being yourself and pick styles that you know represent you. If you step way out of your comfort zone, you’ll most likely not recognize yourself and dislike the way you look.

  4. Communication is everything! Make sure to communicate with your artist exactly what you like and dislike. Your artist is there to make you happy and to make you feel beautiful so if you feel something, say something. In my experience, the most stressful appointments I have encountered were with clients that have the expectation of sitting down and without a word, I’ll give them exactly what they want. If you don’t know what you want then we won’t either. So ask all the questions you need to. It even helps if you save the photos that you don’t like because any detail will help your artist give you the look that you love.

  5. If you already have them, bring the accessories you may want to use. With so many details flying around wedding planning, it can be difficult to envision the complete picture. The same goes for envisioning what you would look like when walking down the aisle. Bringing accessories is not necessary but I think it helps to physically see it. So whether its clips, jewelry, a comb, crown or flowers, bring it along to try them out. An added extra tip to take it a step further, wear a white shirt! I guarantee that once it is all in place you will know when you have found the look.

    So there it is! Now you are ready and prepared for your wedding makeup & hair trial! Coordinating such a large event can be daunting but remember that it is leading up to the best day of your life that you get to share with friends, family, and all the people you love. So have fun and enjoy the process!

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